White Wines

 Balì Chardonnay Sauvignon Blanc -DOC

Regional Area: Lombardia Lago di Garda- Northern Italy  Aged ten months in oak barrels

Grape Varieties: Chardonnay (50%) and Sauvignon (20%)

Gastronomy: Appetizers, First courses, Fish and Soft Cheeses

Pinot Grigio IGT – Anno Domini

Regional Area: Friuli – Venezia Northern Italy

Alc. Content – 12% Vol

Bouquet: Fruity body with fresh and lively aromas

Tasting Notes: Delicate floral hints and firm acidity gives this Pinot Grigio a mouth-watering appeal with a clean finish

Gastronomy: Hors d’oeuvre, Ham, Light Soups, Fish, White Meat and Poultry.  Excellent as an Aperitif

Pinot Grigio Anno DominiChardonnay IGT – Anno Domini

Regional Area: Veneto, Piave

Alc. Content – 12.5% Vol

Bouquet: Delicate aromas that recalls scents of apple and fresh bread crust.  Hints of apple and white flowers;develops a nice bouquet with aging

Gastronomy: Excellent as an Aperitif, great when paired with Hors d’oeuvre, Fish and Egg based dishes


Vvermentino cantina di pitiglianpoermentino , IGT, Cantina Di Pitigliano

Regional Area: Sardinia

Grape Varieties: 100% Vermentino 

Bouquet: Light and aromatic leafy-tinged lemon flavors

Tasting Notes: Crisp and fresh citrus flavors with nice long dry refreshing finish

Gastronomy: Pairs well with fried clams, calamari, white fish and light seafood salads