Sparkling Wines

prosecco front   Prosecco Spumante-DOC

Regional Area: Veneto, Italy

Grape Varieties: Prosecco (more formally Glera grape)

Alc. Content : 11%

Bouquet: This celebratory wine is lightly dry, aromatic, crisp bubbling wine

Tasting Notes: Bubbles are fully textured and persistent, while on the nose light, overtones of apple, pear, some citrus, and a dash of nutty almond flavoring. Finish is lightly refreshing and crisp.

Gastronomy: Give Prosecco a go with Prosciutto, creamy sauces, almonds, seafood, fried fare, spicy Asian entrees and assorted hard soft cheeses. This is a very forgiving, food-friendly sparkling wine option. Use to make the ever so popular Italian favorite Bellini cocktail.


   Moscato Spumante

Regional Area: Piedmont, Italy

Grape Varieties: Moscato (Muscat Blanc)

Alc. Content: 6%

Bouquet: Bubbly white sparkling wine with apricot and peachy flavors that mix it up with a crisp acidity that hangs around with a really nice finish of tangerine.

Tasting Notes: Light, overtones of apricot, peach, light melon, and tangerine finish

Gastronomy: Excellent lighter style wine with brunch, all desserts or on its own as a capable aperitif. If daring, then mix it up with some light to medium spicy dishes.


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  1. Mike Vaccaro says:

    This is a great looking website! And La Corte is my favorite sparkling!

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